The Bikeriders

The Bikeriders: Unfortunately nothing to see here…

The Bikeriders takes viewers on a raw and emotional journey through the lives of a 1960s motorcycle gang. Directed by Jeff Nichols, this film is a vivid portrayal of the brotherhood, loyalty, and tumultuous dynamics within the biker subculture.

Starring Tom Hardy (Benny) and Austin Butler (Mike) we see the rise and ultimately fall of the Vandals, a fictional midwestern motorcycle club. Jodie Comer’s character Kathy (Mike’s wife) tells the story directly to Danny Lyon, the writer of the 1968 photobook of the same name.

The Bikeriders needs more violence!

The movie might seem enjoyable and is well made, but there are multiple elements that keep it far away from a classic status. First of all the story just isn’t all that good. We see a motorcycle club rise to fame, but not in a very spectacular way. The lack of violence just doesn’t make it that impactful.

Failing the act

Furthermore, Jodie Comer somewhat ruined the experience a bit for me. Her character is way overdone, when it comes to her squeaky voice and her ‘hillbilly-like’ character traits. It’s just not well done. It makes it really hard to sympathize for the story she has to tell. Also Tom Hardy doesn’t really shine in this one. We’ve seen him doing way more interesting things the last couple of years.

This makes the Bikeriders enjoyable at best. There could’ve been so much more on the horizon though. It just misses an interesting story and some stellar acting performances. This is definitely no Easy Rider…


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