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9 amazing local multiplayer video games

With modern video games mainly focussing on online multiplayer, local multiplayer slowly fades into oblivion. However during the good old days there were a few awesome titles that deserve some attention and are still incredibly fun to play. Here are 9 amazing classic couch multiplayer games you should play right now!

  1. Mario Kart 64

When you’re talking about local multiplayer games, it’s hard to ignore the Mario Kart series. So when it comes to racing karts with your friends, the Nintendo 64 version is probably the best one. It contains a four player split screen option and has some crazy battle mode arenas that we unfortunately missed in its sequels. Yep, I am talking about you Block Fort, you were awesome!

  1. Saturn Bomberman

Bomberman is a crazy multiplayer extravaganza on its own, but the Saturn version kicks it up a notch by including a 10-player mode. That’s crazy isn’t it? Besides that Saturn Bomberman is one of the best games in the series as well. So don’t hesitate and gather all your friends to blast each other to pieces!

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures was simply made for local multiplayer. However the investment you had to make to play this game was huge. You needed four GBA’s, four link cables and a Gamecube with the main game. It was all worth it in the end. The limited 3DS release might give you some of this epicness, or you can just hook up your old dusty Gamecube and play it the proper way.  

  1. Smash Bros Melee

Super Smash Bros is an all time favorite when it comes to couch versus gaming. The recent Switch version may sport the most features, but nothing beats Melee. This second game in the series is well-balanced, accessible and pretty hard to master. This one has kept us entertained for almost fifteen years now and we’re still as excited to play a quick match now as we were when it first came out.

  1. Micro Machines 2 for SEGA Megadrive

When the cartridge of a game contains two extra controller ports, you know it’s gonna be a multiplayer fest! Micro Machines 2 was the best top down racer back in the day and delivered tons of fun! Driving through the kitchen, livingroom or bathroom with miniature cars while blasting each other to pieces never gets old! When can we expect a proper sequel, Codemasters?!

  1. Worms Armageddon

The Worms series is one of the most classic multiplayer games of yesteryear. A game of Worms always results in total mayhem as you bombed each other with sheep, holy hand grenades and banana bombs. Worms Armageddon only supports one controller, so you have to pass it around during this turn based fest.

  1. Mario Party 3

The Mario Party games are almost fully responsible for the success of the mini game genre. The third part in the series is definitely the best, because it improved on the already sublime sequel. Many friendships were probably destroyed by this franchise, but let’s be honest, the amount of fun we had while playing was definitely worth it. Until one of your friends stole all your stars of course.

  1. Halo

Multiplayer first person shooters on a console are a joy to play in splitscreen. Halo even made it possible to play the game with sixteen players by linking four systems together. Brilliant! Lan parties were PC-exclusive before but Halo changed this instantly. Multiplayer console shooters like Goldeneye and Timesplitters 2 are quite awesome, but Halo definitely deserves the crown in this category.

  1. Wii Sports

Ok, Wii Sports might not be the best or the most hardcore game on this list. But when it comes to picking a simple, fun yet addictive game that you even can play with your grandma, Wii Sports is your top pick. Tennis, Baseball and Bowling are our favorites and will keep you and your friends going for a while. Casual gaming has never been more fun than with this one.

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