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Is Disney Plus worth it or not?

So Disney Plus is here. At least in The Netherlands. A new VOD-competitor in a market that is quickly becoming a little bit crowded. The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest media conglomerates that actually dares to enter the VOD-market with its own streaming platform. The Netherlands is lucky to be the test market and as I am living there, I am willing to share you a few reasons why this new VOD platform will not be the one you should sign up for (yet). Off we go!

  1. Disney Plus has little to offer (for now)

It’s interesting to see the new VOD platform and its content. Disney built its service around five pillars of content; Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic. So there should be enough for everybody to watch, right? Well, there isn’t. The Disney Movies aren’t the complete collection we all know. New releases are still not available to watch via this service and apart from Marvel, Disney/Pixar and Star Wars, there is just not enough to discover.

2. Fan service?

Many guys and girls are fan of the Marvel and/or the Star Wars universe. For them, this should be the perfect streaming service, right? Well think again. Once you’ve seen all the movies in cinema (and you probably did), Disney Plus isn’t much more than just a service to rewatch these movies. Off course buying these movies on DVD or Bluray isn’t necessary anymore, but you don’t wanna pay seven bucks a month for that, right?

3. Disney Plus tech is so-so

If you are used to the technology Netflix uses, you might dislike this new service. It’s technology is way less advance than the one Netflix has. I watched a few movies via the new Disney Plus service and it happened once that the service forgot where I left off. On a different occasion, the service apparently couldn’t handle the speed of me skipping a big part of the movie I was watching, so the screen froze. This could be incidents off course, but I didn’t have these mistakes when I used Netflix.

So what’s to love?

Despite all the negativity there is also a lot to love. I mean, who doesn’t want all the Star Wars movies to be instantly viewable with a push of a button. The same goes for the Marvel movies, it’s perfect. Take all the Disney and Pixar films in account and there is a pretty solid line up over there. Disney Plus even offers some other nice films and tv-series, Pixar shorts and some Disney live action movies we’ve seen during the years.

However, my personal opinion is that these offerings are not enough to justify a subscription. Disney really needs to buy or make some more content to keep the viewer engaged, because this is just way to little. Bare in mind that there is no (20th century) Fox material being found on the service at the moment. Personally I think it’s pretty fun to get the chance to watch classics like Fantasia (2000), Mary Poppins and the Marvel animated series, but does it justify a subscription to a new service? I think not. Therefore Disney Plus is too little for the moment, but this could change very quickly off course.

Disney Plus can be visited here.


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