Top 5 Skateboarding games

Top 5 Skateboarding games

Around the millennium and early zeroes, Tony Hawk was one of the biggest video game icons and Activision’s skateboarding games were crazy popular. Nowadays almost nobody gives a damn now, though celebrating retrogames is a good excuse to remember all these great skateboarding games from the past. Remember, one entry per franchise to make the list a bit more diverse. Let’s take a look at the best skateboarding video games to date.

  1. 720°

It all began with 720°! Atari did a fantastic job by developing one of the first really good skateboarding games. You take on the role of a young skater and cruise through different part of a crazy skate park city hybrid to get a high score. You do have to watch out for traffic though. The game has been emulated and re released in various Midway Arcade compilations and on various platforms, so it is possible to snag up this game right now! 

  1. OlliOlli World

OlliOlli is a great 2D indie title that lets you rack up tricks and combo’s to score a huge amount of points. In OlliOlli World you skate downhill and start grinding on everything that passes by. The levels last as long as you can keep doing tricks and keep standing on your skateboard. All the more exciting, because it is pretty hard to land every trick perfectly. It doesn’t get more old school then this one. Pick up OlliOlli World for PC, Playstation platforms, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

  1. Jet Set Radio 

Technically Jet Set Radio is not a skateboarding game like all the other titles on this list. Though you can skate in the game and the game breaths a heavy skate atmosphere. As Beat you need to skate through Tokyo-To and fulfill several tasks like spraying graffiti on the walls and avoid getting caught by the police. Just like real skaters do all the time. The gorgeous cell-shaded graphics and the sublime soundtrack are great excuses to play this game again after all this time.  

  1. Skate 2 

In the late 2000’s skateboarding games weren’t that popular anymore and this was partially because of quality decline the Tony Hawk games went through. EA filled up the emptiness with the Skate franchise by providing a slightly more realistic experience. The first game proved to be a great alternative to existing games, and this game improved on that by a ton. Sadly the third game in the series was buggy and unsuccessful and the series was never heard of again.  

  1. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 

When talking about skateboarding games the third outing in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series is definitely the best. The first two games laid the foundations for the formula of the franchise, but the third game continued to improve on this. The game also introduced reverts, which made it possible to string up combo for like forever! This off course is a little unrealistic, but Tony Hawk’s games were never realistic to start with, so this added a lot to the already steady arcade feeling the game breath. If there is one skateboarding to play, it will be Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3.

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