My Life As A Zucchnini

Ma vie de Courgette; life through the eyes of an abused child

The Swiss animation feature film ‘Ma vie de Courgette’, ‘My life as a Zucchini’ in English, only runs for a little bit more than an hour. But what it accomplishes in such little time is nothing short of stellar.

Becoming an orphan

Swiss director Claude Barras creates a small beloved world with interesting and cutesy characters that will stay in your memory for a while. A small boy nicknamed Courgette ends up in an orphanage after his abusive and alcoholic mother dies in an accident, caused by himself. In this orphanage he meets a number of characters and situations that enlarge his depressing life. Courgette is a quiet and sad boy whose star slowly shines a little brighter while the story unfolds.

A flourishing Courgette

Because after a while, Camille enters his life and Courgette starts to flourish. He, Camille and the other children from the orphanage become a real family and have a ton of fun altogether. The sad and depressing atmosphere in the orphanage from the beginning of the story really turns around. Of course, this will not last for long, because something unexpected is going to stir up the whole situation.

So much in so little time

The emotional plot addresses a few important stories about being an orphan and child abuse. That combined with the beautiful clay animation, leaves a wonderful visual impression. While the story lasts a little longer than an hour; the cute and colorful characters leave a lasting expression. An expression that makes you think about the children that have a hard time in your own social environment.

Ma vie de Courgette = fantastic

The total package is just fantastic. Great animation combined with an incredible story. I simply can’t wait to see the next project from the creative hands of Claude Barras. Ma Vie de Courgette is simply essential and stands with the best animated movies ever made.

This movie is available on MUBI.

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