The Evercade is here – A Retro Revolution!

So I finally bought an Evercade handheld system and preordered the Evercade VS. console! Last year the handheld came out and with these initiatives it’s always the question if it becomes a success or a dud like for instance the OUYA Android console. Fortunately the Evercade, made by Blaze, is doing really well, so enough reasons for me to step aboard. Here are my first thoughts about the Evercade system.

Roms on budget cartridges

So the handheld released in 2020 and gained little praise among retro gamers. The whole idea of releasing roms on cartridges for a budget price is fantastic. But the system itself wasn’t to convincing. The screen is pretty underwhelming and the sound department leaves much to be desired. However with the option to connect the handheld to a decent screen via mini-HDMI and the release of the forthcoming Evercade VS. system, things are looking pretty great.

Evercade or Evergreat?

And as a retro gamer, I can say the system doesn’t underwhelm, but doesn’t blow me away either. As a start I bought ten(!) Evercade cartridges to get the most out of the system right of the bat. The cartridges look fantastic and the booklets included within the box are so well made. You want to have this as a retro gaming enthusiast! Furthermore I am also surprised by how well everything works and some quirky titles I missed along the way; the system also highlights its biggest problem. Namely, most titles didn’t stand the test of time that well. 

Stay tuned!

This might be a curse for nine out of ten retro games, but still, some games are just not worth replaying in this day and age. However, a few of them are worth playing and in the next few months or years I will update my blog regularly with Evercade hidden gems. Stay tuned!


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