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Why Wii U owners should feel cheated by Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch is great and all. With in a little over a year in we’ve seen tons of ‘old’ Wii U games getting the new Switch treatment. It’s cool to see Nintendo giving players who missed out on the Wii U a chance to play these games. However, it also feels as a stab in the back for gamers who did own Nintendo’s ill-fated system. Here’s why!

Must-have Wii U

Let’s be clear, I am a Nintendo fan for the biggest part of my life now. But I just can’t live with the fact I got to little when it comes to the Wii U. Off course we got a handful of gaming classics I wouldn’t want to have missed for the world. Though almost all of these games are available for other Nintendo platforms nowadays. I bought the Wii U quite late in 2014. Just because I was one of many gamers who wasn’t all that fond of Nintendo’s new platform. However, being a true fan; with a new Smash Bros game in the pipeline and the recent release of Mario Kart 8, I just had to have a Wii U!

Where are the good games?

My time with my Wii U has been quite fun. Unfortunately at the end of 2015 we all felt that Nintendo was pulling the plug on the system. It took Nintendo a year to announce the new Switch platform. But in the meantime Wii U owners almost got nothing to spend their money on. We even got some really bad games like that Mario Tennis one and Animal Crossing buy-all-Amiibos-or-something game. Star Fox also wasn’t a big success, so the last proper Wii U game we got was Breath of the Wild. You know, that one game that released on the same day for the Switch as well. So Nintendo has been holding their breath for quite a while, which means a ton of new games are coming out for Switch right?!


Well, unfortunately not, because in the first year of Switch we only saw a handful of new first party exclusives getting released. I mean: 1,2, Switch, Arms, Snipperclips, Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, while I’m not counting that semi-sequel Splatoon 2. That’s not a lot considering 2015 wasn’t a stellar year for Wii U as well. What I am trying to say is that Nintendo sort of owes us. They should release some stellar games for Switch after a long period of shitty titles, but they don’t deliver at all. I also hoped to see some sort of compensation for Wii U owners. Nintendo didn’t support the system in a proper way, but none of that is happening as well!

Please, Nintendo!

Nintendo should have manned up and at least give Wii U owners some free software or huge discounts. They should be compensated for buying Nintendo’s biggest failure since their entry in the video game market. Ok, The Virtual Boy was even worse, point taken. Instead they do nothing and poke our eyes out by releasing better versions of some of the best Wii U software titles. You know, these software titles we bought at the first moment they came out. And when is that load of great games coming, Ninty? I mean a new Fire Emblem, a new Yoshi, a new Smash and that core Pokemon RPG isn’t going to cover these meager years we sat through. I beg you Nintendo, please!

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