Top 5 – Hottest Summer Videogames

It’s almost summer and this means hot temperatures, cooling down at the beach and a lot of tanning. Time for summer videogames, right?! Compared to daytime, the nights can be pretty cold, so here are the five summer videogames to keep you warm during these cool summer nights.

5. Boktai

Boktai is the only video game series in which you actually need the sunlight to play the game. The games use a solar sensor, which is mounted on the cartridge. The sensor loads the so-called ‘Gun del Sol’ so vampire hunter Django can destroy his enemies. Without the sun the game becomes nearly impossible, so you will have to go outside to play it. Luckily the original Gameboy Advance screen without back light is perfectly suited for these sunny conditions. It really isn’t actually.

4. Doshin the Giant

Everybody remembers the great feeling of building sandcastles on the beach. In this Nintendo game you become Doshin, a friendly yellow giant with godlike abilities, who has to create a tropical island for its inhabitants. Doshin needs to work his ass of in the bloody hot sun to keep the population happy. But be careful to don’t piss him off, because his evil brother Jashin can be a real destructive pain in the ass. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo makes a remake of this cult classic in a few years.

3. Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine captures the essence of what a summer should be. It even has the word ‘Sunshine’ in its title. This Mario-game for the Nintendo Gamecube is pure happiness accompanied by a brilliant tropical soundtrack. Cleaning multiple worlds with nice cool water from your nozzle definitely wets your appetite for the hot upcoming summer days. This Gamecube exclusive is playable on Nintendo Switch via the Super Mario 3D All Stars Collection.

2. California Games

Skateboarding, Surfing, Roller Skating or riding a BMX. You name it, California Games has got it. This 1991 classic celebrates the summer in all possible ways. Nowadays the graphics look old and blocky but back in the day these bright and sunny pixels made you wish it was summer already. And hey… at least it was a cheap alternative to booking an actual vacation in The Golden State.

1. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beachvolleyball series

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball is every man’s wet dream in video game-form. Whether it’s the relaxing tropical atmosphere or abundance of busty women. Everybody likes to play with virtual Barbie-like dolls, right? You can even unlock a huge number of revealing costumes for these sexy fighters. Yes, this game definitely keeps you in the summer mood even when the sun isn’t shining.

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