Crazy Japanese Video Games

7 Crazy Japanese Games you should know of as a gamer

Japan, the land of the rising sun and the craziest people on earth. You might know about those weird Japanese tv shows, but they are also very good in developing insane video games. Let’s go crazy with these 7 Crazy Japanese games you should know about if you want to call yourself a gamer.

Katamari Damacy

The first game that comes to mind when talking about weird Japanese video games is Katamari Damacy released for Playstation 2. In this game you play a little prince who has to gather as many objects as possible to make huge rolling ball, just like a little dung beetle. You gather these objects by rolling the ball over them so the ball can grow to humongous sizes. These balls eventually become planets, because the King of All Cosmos destroyed all the original ones when he was drunk. Yeah, it doesn’t get much weirder than this one. Or does it?

Mister Mosquito

Everybody hates mosquitos! In Mister Mosquito for Playstation 2 you actually take on the role of one of these flying parasites. In order to survive the upcoming winter, Mister Mosquito has to suck up a lot of blood from the Yamada family during their daily rituals. One of the stages even features a lovely lady who takes her daily bath. This game lets you sacrifice everything, even your good manners, to survive in the process. You will never look at a mosquito in the same way, after playing this crazy game!

Muscle March

Muscle March is a WiiWare game in which you take control of a few homoerotic bodybuilders and have to run through walls in a specific pose. Yeah, this sounds to crazy to be true, but the Japanese developers couldn’t give a damn. Unlike some other games from this list, this game is actually pretty fun to play. It came out for the North American and European WiiWare channels, so what’s holding you back? Get pumped and primed for this one!

Hatoful Boyfriend

Everybody loves animals, the stranger, the better. In the west we have the strange but fun Goat Simulator, but Japan kicks it up a notch with Hatoful Boyfriend. This video game is not your typical simulator, which is a dating simulator for pigeons. Yes, you heard that right. Pigeons, the flying rats of modern day civilization! Well, at least you can give them an exciting love live, Rookoo!


Do you remember Tamagotchi from back in the day? Well, Seaman is sort of the same, but then with a fish with a humans head. In this game for SEGA’s Dreamcast you have to take care of the fish, so it will eventually become some sort of a frogman. By talking into the microphone you can communicate with the fish and Fun fact: the game is narrated by former Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy. Live long and prosper, Seaman!

Incredible Crisis

Working at an office might be dull, but not in this original Playstation game. Incredible Crisis is a collection of bizarre mini games that all take place in and around the office. You take on the role of one of the four dorky looking family members and different tasks to finally get a last minute present for your grandmothers birthday. For instance you get stuck in an elevator, dance around the office, flee on a snowboard for a pack of wolves and try to keep a boat from sinking by drawing as much water from the boat as you can. This one is a whole collection of Crazy Japanese Games! Doesn’t sound boring at all, does it?

Captain Rainbow

Captain Rainbow is a Nintendo Wii game which wasn’t released in the west because of it’s strange nature. In the game you take on the role of Nick, who has the ability to transform in the titular hero Captain Rainbow. The player has to help several minor Nintendo characters with their problems, like for instance a fat Little Mac, a gender confused Birdo and the little Devil from Devil World. Doesn’t this sound weird to you?

Looking for a crazy racing game that blows your mind, but is also a great game? Take a look at Micro Maniacs, the best top-down racer nobody played!

This is an expanded version of a Zoomin Games video I wrote the script for.

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